Know The Value of Your Time ...

Time is the one thing you won’t get back. Rare is the person who understands this concept. Know the value of your time and refrain from playing useless games. 

As we travel through our journey of life, we meet various individuals, groups, communities, and so on. One can easily get lost in the midst of the commotion, losing sight of the very reason we began said journeys. Living in the moment has it’s benefits, but overindulging will steer you away from your initially set path. Overindulging could also impact your way of life in such a negative manner, that it hinders you from continuing on your once majestic path. 

Aaaaah, buttercups. BAHAHAAAAA 😂😂 Let’s bring in today’s reality for a moment. 

If I involve myself with you in any way, you’ll immediately know not to FUDGE with my time. Essentially, if you fudge with my time, you’re fudging with my money. Bear with me as I try to keep things PG. 


Sadly, we’re surrounded by a plethora of human beings who don’t make the sacrifices necessary to meet their end goals. They’ll say: 

  • “Live your life, we have time for that tomorrow” 
  • “Take a chill pill man, you work too much” 
  • “Some things aren’t meant to be. If it’s meant to be, it will be” 
  • “What’s the point, we’re all going to die anyways” 
  • “I rather live life, just because … life” 
  • “Everything happens when the time is right” 
  • “Life is too important to be taken seriously” 

Look buddy ‘ol pal, everyone has their own perspective and I’ll gladly respect that. Kudos to you. Here’s my perspective for those that want to make the most out of life. 


Don’t Think Meantime Goals, Think End Goals.  

Meantime goals will eventually lead to the end goal, but you have to have an END GOAL to begin with. If your meantime goals don’t align, nor result, in the fruition of your END GOAL … What the FUDGE are you doing? Solidify your plan and stick to it so that you can succeed at something in your life. Sheesh. 

Example: If your end goal is to have solid, honest, faithful, empire-building relationship with someone, what are you doing being a player?? That shyt just doesn’t add up. BAHAHAAAAA 😂😂  Stop contradicting your words and actions; Waste your own damn time. 


Don’t Waste TIME. 

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but, TIME is the one thing you can’t ever get back. If you spend your time wisely, you will bear fruit. If you waste your time, you will live a shitty life for the rest of your life. Sure, you can live an ok life if you figure your shit out later on in life… 

…BUT WHY SETTLE FOR LESS when you can live your older days in paradise. I grew up seeing older people working because they couldn’t afford to live. Um…use your youth to work your ass off because the rest of your life shouldn’t be stressful. 

Example: Surround yourself with people that will help you grow. These people understand the concept of give & take. They understand the notions of ambition, tenacity, and fulfillment. In turn, you will continuously adopt these virtues and ways of life. If you surround yourself with people who live by the aforementioned quotes in this journal entry … you tell me, where you’ll end up? Fulfilled? Possibly. To each their own bahahaaaaa 😂😂. Not my cup of tea though…so VAMOOSH. 

Alright, I can go on for days with this. 


I’ll end by saying this

Time is of the essence my JuliPeep. Whatever dream you have, whatever person you seek, whatever destination you currently have your sights on… 

It’s POSSIBLE. Be aware of the time that you have today and strategize your journey to attain that sense of fulfillment as efficiently as possible. The only obstacle is you and your mind. 

If you know you TRULY want something that's worthwhile & you're willing to maintain its existence, go out there and get it. A fulfilling life is worth the work. You’ll look back and thank your younger self. Trust me on that one. 


- Julio Caezar


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